This article is about us and why we are in business. The reason we want to work with SMBs and minorities is because we can make the most impact there. Thank you Jared for the well written piece.

“You are the talent. Think of us as the support group.”

That’s the motto of REMHAI, an Atlanta-based technology solutions company dedicated to helping startups and small- and medium-sized businesses build and develop their digital presence.

Ramala Ande, one of the co-founders of REMHAI, knows all about what it means to be supported––and perhaps more about what it means not to be supported.

“One of the biggest challenges we face as a company is the lack of mentors and guides,” Ande told “And it’s much harder in the minority community. We are taking a risk with our own money, not what was passed down from past generations.”

Born in Ethiopia, Ande, 30, is the first generation in his family to go out and risk everything for a belief or passion, he said. “This means it is harder to get support from family members at times, and harder to gain external resources.”

These challenges didn’t stop Ande and his sister, co-founder Lily Andemariam, from building a company from the ground up. “We believe in what we are doing and we’re passionate about our solution to the small business and startup world,” Ande says. “Yes, it gets hard at times but when you are truly passionate about what you are doing, late nights and early mornings don’t seem that bad anymore.”

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